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Case Study - Dansu Discs

First off, I'd like to just express my gratitudes towards Dansu Discs and all that this incredible record label has done for me and On Point Social. Let's get into it!

About Dansu Discs

Dansu Discs is a Manchester based record label, founded in 2017. An electronic music label, bringing people together through a range of genres, such as techno, garage and house.

Founded by Nick Howsley, someone who has been an integral part of the start of the agency. I am very grateful for the incredible opportunity he gave me, which was my University placement.

Dansu Discs LOGO

My University Placement at Dansu Discs

Last May I was checking my emails and came across something from the Business school, which was - 'If you're interested in music, reply to this email to learn more'. Now in hindsight, I am so thankful of my past self. That I opened that email.

As, it turned out, it was to send a job application for an internship that opened up at A RECORD LABEL for a MARKETING MANAGER position. Now, that is all in caps because, I love music and I love marketing. It was right up my street. I applied straight away, and interviewed, and Nick offered it me right there in the interview. This was just such great news for me, as when I started my degree. If you would have asked me what I wanted, post graduate. It would have been, to market music, and that is what I have been doing for the past few months. And with On Point Social, is what I am going to do for the foreseeable future with Dansu Discs.

How it went?

Since starting at Dansu Discs, I have been responsible for all of the marketing for some incredible releases on the label from artists such as...

  • Harrison BDP

  • Archie Hamilton

  • Chrissy

  • Big Miz

  • Harry Wills

  • Paige Tomlinson

I'm really happy with how all these releases went for Dansu Discs, and it was incredible to be able to chat with artists, and get their great music to as many ears as possible.

I was also responsible for the marketing of a T-Shirt campaign, being the 'New Wave' T-Shirts. Now this was something I loved doing, now as part of the campaign was to get photos of the T-Shirt. And this was a great opportunity, as a friend of mine is a phenomenal photographer @cjs26. Therefore, we got some great shots around Manchester of the T-Shirts.

Results achieved for the label

During the internship at the label, I am really pleased with the results that we managed to achieve. Below are just some of the insights we managed to achieve.

Some great insights, from the from the first and last month of the internship

The creation of - a growing Tik Tok page, starting email send outs' to around 3000 subscribers, and an all new Dansu Discs website.

And then as for the qualitative results, I am also really pleased with the results. We managed to streamline several processes of the label, and increase overall organisation of release roll outs etc. Allowing Dansu Discs to double the number of releases for the label, for the foreseeable future.

The future

The future is really exciting for Dansu Discs, with a multitude of incredible artists coming on to the label, as well as new series starting out on the socials.

I am extremely pleased to have Dansu Discs as a client for On Point Social for the coming future, and I am very excited for the future.

Feel free to follow Dansu Discs here, to keep updated on how this label continues to bring incredible music to the industry.


If you would like to elevate your socials, or require any of the services mentioned above. Feel free to get in contact with us. Let's make your vision a reality.


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