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How My Time At Salford Business School Prepared Me To Start My Business.


2023 has been an incredible year starting this marketing agency, but another thing to mention is the final year of my degree, that I have been doing while at Salford Business School.

From becoming a staff member while being still a student, to a great article being done on myself. Keep reading to see what I've been doing while at Salford Business School...

My background text

So what made me decide on The University of Salford? And on marketing?

Well, marketing has always really interested me. Knowing that 'people can't buy something that they don't know about' has always stuck with me.

I picked Salford Business School, to stay close to Manchester. A place so rich in culture and especially in music, that I could talk about it in an entirely separate blog post.

Starting in 2021, the amount that has happened since then whole being at Salford Business School is crazy, so let's get into it!


Since starting modules such as Mobile, Media and Marketing and Marketing Communications, my theoretical knowledge in digital marketing has skyrocketed.

The amount of support from those within the Business School is truly exceptional, and the students within it, as we feel like a community.

There are opportunities all around you within the university, and taking advantage of them is something that I have definitely done over these past few years.

After my second year, I went on to start my placement which was a transformative experience, as I have mentioned in a previous blog post with a case study about our client Dansu Discs.

This placement is an example of the kind of opportunities that Salford Business School offers to its students, this being a social media manager position at a record label - which in turn, has led to all kinds of opportunities.

As I have said before, this placement from the university, led to me starting my own business. Something which I have always wanted to do...


On Point Social is a creative marketing agency based in Manchester, with the goal to help businesses get their digital presence, you guessed it, On Point.

Our services including:

  • Social media marketing

  • Account management

  • Content creation

  • Graphic design

Feel free to keep up to date with our business, by checking us out on Instagram or Tik Tok!

Starting the business, while being a full-time student in my final year at university, has been a challenge but, setting up this business, developing my own brand identity and social media strategy while learning about it on my course, has been one of the most rewarding things in my life.


Where to start?

An incredible start to the academic year came when I was invited to come in and speak to the new first year Salford students, about the benfits of doing a placement, and all the things it can lead to.

The university also did a really great news article on my entrepreneurial journey with On Point Social, which is something I am incredibly proud of.


As well as becoming a staff member within the University!

So, I was told to join Launch, a business incubator within the university, somewhere that entrepreneurs can grow and develop their business, while getting access to great oppourtunites and expertise. They had a position opening up for a marketing a role. Which I got!

Allowing me to become a student and staff member within my university, something which I am incredibly proud of.

Allowing me to speak to so many entrepreneurs, while making some great connections with people spanning across all kinds of industries!

Feel free to see some of the kind of work, we've been doing for Launch...


Once again, where to start? I think i'll narrow it down to two...

  1. Proactivity - being proactive is a skill, and it can get you really far. There are so many oppourtunities that I have made for myself over the past few months especially, just from being proactive and getting myself involved, going after everything I want.

  2. Myself - My time at Salford Business School, has allowed me to learn so much about myself, balancing a full-time work with the agency and the university, while also balancing my studies - aiming for very high grades is not for the faint hearted...


So university is not over just yet, there is still a few months left to go...

Which I cannot wait for, there are a few ways my business is involved with the university, which I can show soon...

But after that, I am so excited about the prospect of growing the agency.


So that's all for now.

Keep an eye on what happens over the next few months, as there is plenty of stuff coming your way.

Until next time...

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Dec 11, 2023

Love this! Super insightful and great to see the results of your hard work with seemingly more in the pipeline, great read!!

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