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Meet the founder - Jake Pennington

My name is Jake Pennington, founder and director of On Point Social. Here's a bit of a meet the founder, informal blog post and story about myself, and how I started this creative agency.

Q. My background and what made me start the agency.

I'm going into my final year of University at Salford, getting my Business management w/ marketing degree. Going into the summer, I got a placement, at a record label Dansu Discs. As Marketing manager, this was imperative experience, and pushed me to start the agency and cannot express my gratitudes enough. As you can see me 'modelling' the merch.

Q. Mission and values behind On Point Social

The mission for On Point Social, is to allow businesses to get their message out into the world. And what better than the largest possible platform, social media. It's simple, people can't buy something they don't know about, and that is where social media steps in, shining a spotlight on what your business has to offer. That is where On Point Social can amplify your social presence through results driven content creation.

The values I pride myself on correlate to On Point Social's. Those being determination, commitment and curiosity. I am always trying to better myself and my practices.

Q. Defining success for myself and On Point Social

How I aim to measure my success for myself over the next year is to finish my degree with a 1st, while continuing to grow On Point Social. Along with continuous progress for my clients.

Q. What's coming up for On Point Social

Coming up for On Point Social, is a lot of exciting prospects. I have the upcoming Salford University Launch Cohort. This being a business accelerator within the University, which in the end allows businesses to pitch to Santander for funding. While on the university topic, I have also been asked to speak at my University to the 1st and 2nd years, about the benefits of doing a placement. And the opportunities it can lead to, like it has for me, as I am sat here writing this blog.

This is an honour and something I can't wait for.

Q. What I get up to outside of On Point Social

Records. You can usually find me in town going from record store to record store browsing what new records they have in (3 days since I last went in) Collecting records, is an absolute passion of mine and something I have been doing since I got my first payslip really. You can see why working for a record label, was an absolute dream come true. And if you asked me my dream job, when starting my marketing degree. It would have been, what I am doing now. Therefore, I cannot say my gratitudes enough.

Q. Parting words

I just want to thank you if you are still reading, and thank anyone who has helped me set up On Point Social. I really can't wait to see where this takes me.


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