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Updates, updates, updates...

Let's have a quick catch-up!

So, over the past month I have taken a step back from producing as much content on my own platforms as usual, so why is that?

Well, there has been a great job opportunity that has come across, down in LONDON. Meaning that I will be moving down there post-graduation (not long) and taking the business down there with me!

London is somewhere I have wanted to move for a long while now, and I could not be more excited for the next few months, and what is to come...

So what is to come?

From this, I am going to focus more on expanding the services of On Point Social, leaning more into videography content for our clients.

But we can't forget the social side of course, we plan on releasing a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Guide - which can be a way for you, and your business to have a quick and easy guide to help you navigate the dynamic landscape that is social media.

We therefore, plan to do grow our client base, and work with a range of businesses across London.

Also, we are looking at a full website redesign coming in the next few months...

I think that is every update, for now.



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